Vivan Sundaram | Terraoptics

on Wednesday 10 May, 2017

sepiaEYE, New Yorksolo sho ... Read More

Nilima Sheikh | Documenta 14

on Saturday 08 Apr, 2017

Each Night Put Kashmir in Your Dreams ... Read More

Sonia Khurana | Walkthrough | Fold/Unfold

on Saturday 18 Feb, 2017

The second walk-through of Sonia Khur ... Read More

Shilpa Gupta | Drawing in the Dark

on Saturday 11 Feb, 2017

Drawing in the Dar ... Read More

Shilpa Gupta

Will We Ever Be Able To Mark Enough?

May 18,2013

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University of West Scotland presents Tushar Joag

Art, intervention and urban politics

April 19,2013

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Vishal K Dar's Raavan Chhaya goes online

The book is up for download from the 25th of April in Apps store for US$ 4.99(INR 270) only.

April 16,2013

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Book Launch - "Trace Retrace Paintings, Nilima Sheikh"

Nilima Sheikh with Kavita Singh

April 12,2013

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Solo Show by LN Tallur

New Yorked

April 11,2013

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Anju Dodiya

Ideas of the Sublime Curated by Gayatri Sinha

April 01,2013

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Atul Dodiya

Ideas of the Sublime Curated By Gayatri Sinha

April 01,2013

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Shilpa Gupta at Sharjah Biennial

Re:emerge Towards a new Cultural Cartography

March 13,2013

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Reena Kallat at Bhau Daji Lad Museum

ZengArt First Public Intervention: Mumbai On view through April, 2013

March 02,2013

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Labyrinth of Reflections

The art of Rashid Rana 1992-2013

February 17,2013

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