Sonia Khurana | Walkthrough | Fold/Unfold

on Saturday 18 Feb, 2017

The second walk-through of Sonia Khur ... Read More

Shilpa Gupta | Drawing in the Dark

on Saturday 11 Feb, 2017

Drawing in the Dar ... Read More

Jitish Kallat | Here After Here

on Saturday 14 Jan, 2017

curated by Catherine David ... Read More

Reena Kallat | Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter

on Saturday 01 Oct, 2016

The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) ... Read More


Aditi Singh | All That is Left Behind

Aditi Singh | Let it be a heaven of blackered roses

Atul Dodiya | 7000 Museums: A Project for the Republic of India

Atul Dodiya | A Response to Paintings by Bhupen Khakhar

Atul Dodiya | Antler Anthology

Atul Dodiya | Bako Exists. Imagine

Atul Dodiya | Body/Wash

Atul Dodiya | Shri Khakhar Prasanna

Bhupen Among Friends | A tribute to Bhupen Khakhar by friends

crossing generations: diVERGE

Desmond Lazaro | New Works

Desmond Lazaro | The In-coming Passengers

Dhruvi Acharya | Figment

Dhruvi Acharya | One Life on Earth

Esther Brinkmann | Renewable Pleasures: The India Chapter

Gigi Scaria | Amusement Park

Jagannath Panda | Nothing is Solid

Jitish Kallat

Kiyomi Talaulicar | The Avid Gaze

M.Shanthamani | Silent Speech

Madhavi Subrahmanian | Organic/Abstract

Meera Devidayal | Where I Live

Mehlli Gobhai | New Works

Monika Correa | Meandering Warp : Variations on a theme

N S Harsha | Charming Nation

Navjot Altaf | How Perfect Perfection Can Be

Pushpamala N | Avega - The Passion The Arrival of Vasco Da Gama

Shakuntala Kulkarni | And when she roared the univrese quaked

Subodh Gupta | The Way Home

Tallur L.N. | Chromatophobia The Fear of money

Vivan Sundaram

Vivan Sundaram | Gagawaka: Making Strange

Vivan Sundaram | Making Strange: Gagawaka + Postmortem