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India Art Fair 2019 | January 31 - Febraury 03

General Booth B02
Anant Joshi | Anju Dodiya | Atul Dodiya | Bhuvanesh Gowda | Bijoy Jain/Studio Mumbai | Dhruvi Acharya | N.S. Harsha | Jotish Kallat | Mithu Sen | Reena Kallat | Ritesh Meshram | Varunika Saraf | Yardena Kurulkar

This triptych is a part of the series ‘Batata eyes and other peel spiels-a little further down the alley’, 2018, where Anant presented a body of work that brought to the fore apology letters, a vote of thanks with a pinch of salt. He maintains a consistent affinity for strategies and objects of play and satire, as well as re-visitation of mediated imagery of the body in the form of cartoons, comics, commercials and other forms of popular imagery.


Flip | Room with a view | Honeycomb
Anju Dodiya explores the surface of the mattresses to paint images of home, dream and body. These drawings exhibit the humility of the mundane that exist between the mysterious moment when all is familiar and yet nothing is - in the artist’s studio, in the bedroom or in love.

Mahatma Gandhi entering G D Birla’s Packard 
A reflection of Dodiya's interest in realism and abstraction, in 'Mahatma Gandhi entering GD Birla’s Packard', one sees a perched bird inspired by Tagore's paintings. Dodiya combined the two giants in his painting - Gandhi, the great leader, statesman and Tagore, a poet. This work serves homage to two great souls India produced in the first half of the 20th century.

Model for a New Cosmos 
Sharing its compositional form with a stupa or an atom, this work displays the harmonious alliance between all that exists in the hierarchy of the whole, forming a cosmic configuration. The upward and the yearning joints in the semi-sphere are replicative of an energy pattern, like the components of the nucleus.

Wrapped in a daily dialogue between Bijoy and Shinde Mama, the emergence of these works is the circadian diligence of Shinde Mama, who carved his vision and found the avatar within each stone. A closer look at these stone-carved sculptures reveals their attentiveness and allegiance to their maker. These works are embalmed in lime and natural pigments like turmeric and indigo.

Scatter alludes to the scattering of ashes and of thoughts, and to our attempt to hold on to life, to love and to memories that bleed away anyway.

A Deep Lie
Search for ‘truth’ has been an eternal pursuit for humans. One of the play field for such activity has been the retinal impression of ‘cosmos’ which proposes that ‘truth’ is hidden deep inside it.
If so is it a lie which we ‘see’? Is the path of search embellished with ‘lies’?
Then again I wash, I dry...
To wear and live anothereveryday

Rain Study (the hour of the day of the month of the season) 
Rain Studies, much like Jitish’s elemental suite of Wind Studies, participates in the near currents of the atmospheric to summon images that invoke the astronomical. During rain-showers, Jitish steps outdoors with a graphite drawing held out to the sky. The resultant drawing thus becomes a rainwater receptacle with constellations of descending raindrops that have settled on the paper.

(Un)mythu museum piece#8 
I, Mithu Sen, declare that I have (un)done a set of two artworks created between 2007-2019. By the performance of blackening the tactile form of a previously created artwork, a new byproduct is manifested that has compounded identities and values which all viewers, patrons and buyers are to keep in mind when engaging and/or evaluating these byproducts. Each byproduct will carry an extended caption with duly listed past provenance.

Mannerheim Line | Maginot Line | Durand Line | Radcliffe line | McMahon Line | Hindenburg Line 
In Reena's works over the last several years the border, territory and map have recurred as potent forms that point to broad historical narratives as well as the manner in which humankind has left the imprint of history on geography. In the recent suite of six drawings titled ‘Leaking Lines’, Reena intentionally conflates the ‘line’, a primary artistic device with epic territorial delineations; here tense international borders and fortifications during wars appear like charred fissures on the surface of the paper. Conceived as diptychs, one part rendered in charcoal reveals the factual landscape, while the other forming a flayed fence using electric wires form rich cartographic abstractions that invoke undulating terrain.

Model for a New Cosmos  
Skilfully forging mild steel into familier texts, from metal into a lyrical symphony, from the mundane to an unidentifiable yet known form, ‘in between the lines’ series attempts to highlight the seen yet unregistered striking a quizzical dialogue with the viewer.

Citizen Z 
The shocking truths and stories that make headlines startles us, but fails to perturb, becoming at the very best a selection from yesterday’s newspaper that is quickly forgotten. An on-going project, Citizen Z re-documents images of the contemporary era that encapsulates extraordinary struggles wrapped in the monotonous tones of people’s lives.

Fall of the Buckler 
These images are created with the help of a 3D recreation of the artist’s heart. Precisely dissected computationally into 5 mm thick slices with surgical precision each slice is photographed to reveal the top view with the organ’s details within. Each slice, equally robotic as it is intensely human, is printed on paper the pulp of which is charged with Yardena’s blood.