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SPADE presents


 “You cannot heal mankind, unless you know how to tend to one human first. And what use is that body if it does not dream, and aspire for poetry.”

Landscape Architects today do a host of things, from thinking about cities, to regional natural resource management, to conserving fragile ecosystems and most think that doing gardens is not really a compelling reason to be in the trade.

On the other hand, not only has the garden always occupied the human mind historically; but the history of landscape design is the history, to a large part, the history of gardens.

Somehow the garden is the “other place”, the place we aspire for, a place to be in when all else is over. It all started with a garden; and somewhere we seemed to have forgotten that.

The exhibition attempts to create a lens; through which practitioners may care to evaluate the world of landscape design and its meanings today.

The other facet of this adventure is to make the idea of the garden, central to the discussion. The meaning or rather the many meanings of a garden are often forgotten, and the searching of these meanings will lead one to find the core of the profession; a place from where many forays not just in the world of design can well be launched.
                                                        - Aniket Bhagwat

This exhibition is a LEAF initiative (LEAF - Landscape Environment Advancement Foundation)


SPADE: is a not for profit forum that looks into the state of design in India. It aims at garnering insights towards architecture from unfiltered standpoints: of the architect, the designer, the photographer, the author, the editor, and many other contributors. SPADE, is a space for discussions that attempts to question contemporary space design, and in doing so, invites introspection while provoking thought, paving the way for exploring and exposing ideas to the milieu. It believes in cultivating an attitude that brings about an authentic pursuit of design.

The world is changing fast, and although “development” has brought about change, globalization has not made significant life reforms for the larger majority; economic ratios have not been a true indicator of quality of the life of the people. There seems to be a fake layer that veils the reality underneath.

"SPADE takes a harder look at ourselves"; its various activities include publications, seminars, lectures and films. It also promotes research through its research arm : Spade India Research Cell-SIRCLE; supported by Samira Rathod Design Associates.

                                                          - Samira Rathod
                                                          EDITOR, SPADE